Hussain Baloch Wadela


Hussain Baloch Wadela serves as the Chairman of Haq Do Tehreek Balochistan. As the leader of the organization, he plays a crucial role in setting the direction and guiding the overall operations of the party. With his extensive experience and leadership skills, he is responsible for overseeing the party's activities, advocating for the rights and interests of the people of Balochistan, and representing the party in various forums.

Majid Johar

Senior Voice-Chairman

Majid Johar assumes the crucial role of Senior Voice-Chairman in Haq Do Tehreek Balochistan. As the Senior Voice-Chairman, he holds a position of prominence and influence within the party's hierarchy. Majid Johar actively supports the party's Chairman and other key office bearers, providing valuable guidance and contributing to the overall direction of the party. With his experience and expertise, he helps shape the party's policies, initiatives, and communications, making significant contributions to its growth and success.

Sharif Miadad

Chairman Municipal Committee Gwadar(current)

Sharif Miadad serves as the Chairman of the Municipal Committee. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing the operations and functions of the committee. Sharif Miadad plays a vital role in setting policies, implementing projects, and ensuring the efficient management of municipal services in the respective area. He collaborates with other committee members, government officials, and community stakeholders to address the needs of the community and enhance the overall development and welfare of the region.

Hafeez Kiazai

General Secretary

Hafeez Kiazai assumes the role of General Secretary within Haq Do Tehreek Balochistan. As the General Secretary, he is responsible for managing the party's administrative affairs, coordinating communication between party members, and maintaining internal organization and cohesion. Hafeez Kiazai plays a key role in organizing meetings, facilitating discussions, and ensuring that the party's agenda and goals are effectively communicated and implemented.

Aziz Ismail

Labour/Fishermen Secretary

Aziz Ismail holds the position of Labour/Fishermen Secretary within Haq Do Tehreek Balochistan. His role focuses on addressing the issues and concerns related to labor and fishermen communities in Balochistan. Aziz Ismail works towards safeguarding their rights, advocating for their welfare, and ensuring that their voices are heard within the party and in broader socio-political discussions.

Madam Zar Gull

Secretary for Women

Madam Zar Gull serves as the Secretary for Women in Haq Do Tehreek Balochistan. Her primary responsibility is to represent and advocate for the rights and empowerment of women within the party and in society. Madam Zar Gull works towards promoting gender equality, addressing women's issues, and encouraging the participation of women in the political process. She plays a vital role in shaping policies and initiatives that benefit women and promoting their active involvement in decision-making.

Hoth Saif Ullah

Finance Secretary

Hoth Saif Ullah is responsible for overseeing the financial management and resources of Haq Do Tehreek Balochistan as the Finance Secretary. His role involves budgeting, fundraising, and ensuring the proper allocation and utilization of funds for the party's activities and campaigns. Hoth Saif Ullah plays a crucial role in maintaining financial transparency, managing financial records, and ensuring the party's financial sustainability.

Basheer Ahmed Hoth

District Chairman for Gwadar

Basheer Ahmed Hoth serves as the District Chairman for Gwadar under Haq Do Tehreek Balochistan. In this role, he represents the party's interests and works towards addressing the specific issues and concerns of the Gwadar district. Basheer Ahmed Hoth collaborates with local communities, oversees party activities in the district, and acts as a liaison between the party

Sadiq Fateh Baloch

District Chairman for Kech

Sadiq Fateh Baloch holds the esteemed position of District Chairman for Kech. As the District Chairman, he is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the administrative affairs and development initiatives within the Kech district. Sadiq Fateh Baloch works diligently to address the needs and concerns of the local community, striving to improve the overall quality of life for residents. He collaborates with government officials, community leaders, and stakeholders to implement projects that promote economic growth, infrastructure development, and social welfare in the district. Sadiq Fateh Baloch plays a pivotal role in advocating for the interests of the district, ensuring effective governance, and fostering a prosperous and inclusive environment for the residents of Kech.

Mulla Farhad Baloch

District Chairman for Panjgoor

Mulla Farhad Baloch serves as the District Chairman for Panjgoor. In his role, he assumes the responsibility of overseeing the administrative and developmental affairs of the Panjgoor district. Mulla Farhad Baloch actively engages with local communities, government authorities, and stakeholders to address the unique challenges and requirements of the district. He strives to promote sustainable development, improve infrastructure, and enhance the overall well-being of the residents. Mulla Farhad Baloch plays a vital role in representing the district's interests, advocating for the needs of the community, and facilitating the implementation of projects and initiatives that contribute to the growth and progress of Panjgoor.