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A prosperous Balochistan, wherein the fundamental rights of every citizen are protected with justice.

A Message from Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman Baloch

Haq Do Tehreek Balochistan, has been struggling for the last several years for the welfare and rights of the oppressed people of Balochistan.

I appeal to all the people of Balochistan and all over the World, to join us in this struggle to become the voice of the oppressed people and stand side by side for their rights through democratic struggle & resistance.

A Message from Waja Hussain Wadila

The land of Balochistan belongs to the people living here and all its resources are owned by the people of Balochistan, but the people of Balochistan have always been treated as slaves and their resources have been looted.

Haq Do Tehreek is a movement for the rights of the people of Balochistan through constitutional struggle, democratic resistance by uniting the people of Balochistan, in which everyone should be involved who has the slightest pain for the oppressed people of Balochistan.


Public Unity for their basic rights

Political & Constitutional Struggle

Peaceful Democratic Resistance

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The Haq Do Tehreek Balochistan is a mass movement in Balochistan, Pakistan, that aims to raise the voice of the people and fight for their rights in the face of human rights violations and oppression.

The movement started on August 19, 2021, when Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman Baloch staged a sit-in for the rights of the people in Gwadar, Balochistan.

The people of Balochistan faced human rights violations, including disappearances, intimidation of political workers, curbs on political activities, and humiliation at check posts. These violations created an atmosphere of fear and suppressed the voice of the people.

The objective of the movement was to restore the rights of the people of Balochistan, including the abolition of check posts, elimination of trawler mafia, free border trade, return of confiscated vehicles and boats, and other basic rights.

The movement gained momentum through public awareness campaigns, corner meetings, and a large public Jalsa (gathering) held on September 30, 2021, in Gwadar, where the demands were presented.

Initially, the demands were not implemented, leading to further protests, including sit-ins and rallies. Talks were held with government representatives, but the demands were not fully met until later negotiations.

Yes, in the local body elections held on May 29, 2022, the Haq Do Tehreek won 90 percent of the seats in Gwadar city, demonstrating the trust and support of the majority of the people.

Yes, the movement faced obstacles and resistance from the government. Despite repeated assurances and protests, some demands were not implemented, leading to further sit-ins, rallies, and struggles.

Some significant events during the movement include historic motorcycle rallies, sit-ins in front of Gwadar Port and the under-construction international airport, large women's and children's rallies, and negotiations with government officials.

The movement continued with various activities and protests, and the sit-ins concluded on December 26, 2022, after a historic state violence incident against the people of Gwadar.

The movement succeeded in raising awareness about the rights of the people of Balochistan and garnered support from the local population. It also put pressure on the government to address their demands, although some issues remained unresolved.

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